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No words, pictures or videos can convey the unique and exhilarating experience of riding a White Bear eBike.

Based on your location and inquiry, your information will be shared with the nearest authorised White Bear eBikes dealer to ensure a quick and informative follow up on your test ride booking.

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The Explorer Foldable eBike
Explorer Foldable eBike
The Discovery - electric low-step frame bicycle
The discovery ebike - low-step frame

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Discover the excitement of eBikes – book a test ride!

The White Bear eBikes team offers test rides on a regular basis, throughout London and the UK.

Would you prefer a solo test ride or to bring a friend or two? The more the merrier! Test rides with White Bear eBikes test rides are good fun!

Riding an electric bike is an exciting lifestyle. One that offers you:

  • Freedom
  • Flexibility
  • Style
  • Fun!

Lots of people like the idea of eBikes…

The time and money that eBikes can save make them an attractive idea. People want to make the most of their valuable time and money. The environmental benefits are appealing too. But what does riding an electric bike feel like? How does it work? A test ride is the perfect way to discover electric cycling… without any obligation.

Give eBikes a go!

We’ve done our research and have designed two excellent eBikes: the Discovery and the Explorer. Their value, versatility and convenience are exceptional. Find out for yourself!

Let’s discuss how you’d like to use an electric bike. The White Bear eBikes team can give you expert advice about the best model to fit your needs.

Come along for a test ride!

Contact us and find out when we have a test ride near you. Our locations are safe, spacious and easy to find. See you soon!